Job relocation



For professional reasons you are drawn to a new location or you expect better opportunities in another branch? 

Germany 24 Umzüge plans and executes your entire move from Düsseldorf to any other city in Germany or Europe. 

Our moving company is a reliable partner with years of experience in the field of private moves and company relocations. 

Our service includes not only consultation, but also packing, assembly, storage and much more.

Full service relocation from Düsseldorf

You would like to hand over the entire process of your relocation?

The full service of our moving company knows no limits. 

We advise you competently and offer you numerous services, such as disassembling furniture and packing moving boxes discreetly and professionally. 

So you can sit back and relax and leave the heavy lifting to us. All you have to do is arrive and feel comfortable in your new home. 

Free on-site visit and quotation 

Will special packaging material be needed?

What size should the moving truck be?

In what time will the move be carried out? 

All these are questions to which our professional moving consultants will have the answers, so you will be on top of the entire process of your move. 

Apart from that you will be informed about all cost factors and receive an offer at a reasonable and guaranteed fixed price.  The preparation of the offer as well as the on-site visit will of course both remain free of charge.

From Düsseldorf to any other city

Wherever your job relocation takes you, Germany 24 Umzüge will professionally accompany you from your current location to any other city in Germany and Europe. 

Our moving company's full-service relocation will save you any hassle. We specialize in air freight, sea freight and, of course, the ordinary overland route.

Packing and unpacking service

Planing a relocation and settling into a new job at the same time is a big challenge. 

Therefore, our trained movers will gladly take care of the professional packing and unpacking of your belongings. All packing work is always carried out by us conscientiously and reliably.

That way you can move into your new home with the familiar furnishings and focus solely on your new job. 

We also take care of the assembly of kitchen cabinets and other furniture, including the connection of electrical appliances.


You want to leave behind part of your old furniture and equipment when moving? 

No problem!

We will carry out the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of your housware. That includes furniture, eceltronic devices or even whole kitchen units.