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Firm’s Relocation in Düsseldorf – professional and flexible

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As a moving partner for multiple corporations, offices and companies we have a high level of expertise. Convince yourself by reading the former valuations of our customers. When we can do your firm’s relocation in Düsseldorf cheap and professionally, why do you want to pay more? We offer the best price for your relocation.

As a moving company we offer a cheap full-service-price and convince with a good strategy and tidy implementation. Our team leader is going to check and accompany the whole process from the beginning to the end. If you need a contact person for your move to or from Düsseldorf, he will be there for you.

We are determined to offer an all-time good service for our customers, planning and implementations of the move.
Firm’s relocation is also destined for office relocations for open-plan offices with attached storage room or morgue. Of course we also help organisations, social facilities like day-care centres, retirement homes, hospitals and many more.

We point out, that all relocations are adequately insured. Your transported goods are well-protected due to the moving-insurance.

You are planning to move your company?

If you are looking for the professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer fair prices for the best moving service!

Services for firm’s relocations in Düsseldorf

In order for you to get a summary of the services that are relevant for a firm’s relocation in Düsseldorf, you can see the list here:

  • On-Site inspection and consultancy with no charge
  • Planning discussion regarding the organisation of the relocation
  • Supply of moving material
  • Help with packing and unpacking of all of your company’s items
  • Loading and unloading of the goods that have to be moved
  • Dissembling and assembling of all office furniture and hardware
  • Safe transport to the new office
  • Clearing out halls, offices and rooms
  • Professional disposal of bulky and specialist waste
  • Setting up a non-parking zone
  • Well-swept handing over of all rooms and halls

Tips for your firm’s relocation

You have to calculate a lot of duties and responsibilities when moving your company in Düsseldorf or to a different European country. If you move to a foreign country you have to consider the international customs regulations.

But you also have to consider different things if you move your office or company nationally. First of all you have to prepare your staff in time for the moving to avoid chaos with your planning. After all they are an important support during the whole time of moving.

Name one moving-team-leader for each division of your company, who will stay in contact with our team leader during the relocation. Divide your staff into different subtests. You will always keep the overview with our To-Do-list, especially if you decide to do a bigger part of the relocation on your own.

Storage of equipment and furniture

Sometimes it’s necessary to store furniture during both office and firm’s relocations.  We have storage facilities, which are protected and monitored.

If you can’t take particular furniture or machines with you when you decide to move, we will storage your goods for you.

You can later pick up your furniture or machines at our facilities. Or we deliver it to your new office and assemble them for you. Our team works extremely dependable and is flexible regarding the delivery time and date.

Get your offer for a firm’s relocation

You can get your own personalised offer for free with our online-contact-form. Furthermore you can call us during business hours.